Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain: Time for Fireside Chats on Wall St Crisis

Today McCain appeared behind empty shelves talking about the economy. Neither his words (or imagery) were strong enough. Frank Luntz says voters want McCain to be more passionate...here is his chance to really move the needle.

FDR spoke to people's hearts in the Depression.before he advocated policy recommendations. What do we STILL recall from his fireside chats: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." He united the nation with his inner strength.

Under the anger on Main Street is fear and confusion...fear about "what will happen to me" and confusion about why this all is happening. The candidate who speaks courageously to this fear will own this issue.

This FIRESIDE CHAT format fits McCain's strengths. It takes his war hero resilience and spiritual stature and applies it to the economy.

These talks should be short. One topic per segment. A series of at least 10, each covering an aspect of the situation. ((I am actually working on such a list, I'm starting an internet radio show to explore this crisis. It's a great idea but MUCH MORE POWERFUL IF MCCAIN DOES IT.))

For each topic, he should picture in his mind an actual person who will lose his job, life savings, and way of life. Today's talk missed hitting voters right in the gut. He can do it and he must do it to win.

If this is of interest, I give it away freely. This is the most important crisis of my lifetime and if I can help in any way, I am honored to do so.

I will write my heart out for McCain -- that is what I do. I'm a Rust Belt survivor who never wants others to go through the economic pain that comes with business falling apart all around us.

These angry folks opposing the bailout just haven't a clue. And those who think the statist, leftist Obama knows about economic leadership...see the next post.


Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

The concept of Fireside Chats by McCain makes a lot of sense, but I am afraid he will not be savvy enough to do them.

I wish you luck in giving him your support, but he is not appearing as strong and inspiring as he should be. Just my opinion & observation, of course.

sharon said...

Susan, I love the idea but it has to be executed just as you suggest. The total lack of leadership and lack of the ability to make this situation understood to the average American is beyond scary. And I say this with regard to both parties. No one is stepping up. Is there no one who can explain this?? Susan, I think you can and should!!

-- Susan Kuhn said...

I had a private message indicating that Obama has "more intellectual capacity" for parsing this situation. I strongly disagree: What is needed is bipartisan leadership. Obama's "bipartisanship" score is in the teens based on his voting record. McCain's is much, much higher. Obama is also the single most liberal Senator...this is a situation that lends itself to a centrist solution. The usual Democratic orthodoxy of hate the rich and regulate is old hat in today's globally interconnected economy.