Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Self At Work

One thing my mother always criticized me for was wanting to find meaning in my work, wanting to do something I liked. She was practical, grew up in an orphanage during the depression. "Do what you like on your own time," she said. Your job is how you support yourself.

Well, she happened to have a daughter who has a passion for doing what she likes and earning a living at it. A daughter who needs to feel alive and expressive 24/7. That daughter has a lifelong conflict with that impulse and the practical side which is all about earning money.

I do believe that we are here in large measure to advance the human spirit by taking who we are, and how we are raised, and fusing them into something new. My task as I see it is to take my absolute need for expression, and my absolute need for financial soundness and stability, and fuse them. It is my "bet the ranch" project right now.

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